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AMUROB (Archivum Musicae Rituum Orientalium Budapestinense)

AMUROB (Archivum Musicae Rituum Orientalium Budapestinense) is a collection mostly of Byzantine and Oriental Christian liturgical and paraliturgical (folk-like) music as a part of the Sound Archives of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In addition to the Christian material, the Archive also contains Jewish and Muslim liturgical, paraliturgical and folk music. All of this material has been digitized over the past few years.


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blue arrow small  Coptic and other Oriental Music Collection of Ilona Borsai (1966–1971)

blue arrow small  Middle East and Central European Byzantine, Oriental Christian, and Jewish Music Collection of Balázs Déri (1993–)

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blue arrow small  BIBLIOTHECA AMUROB 1.

pdf Logiké latreia. Collected essays of Ilona Borsai on Coptic music in its context

pdf The significance of the Oriental Christian rites for music history

pdf General characteristics of the chant of the Coptic mass

pdf Is ‘octoechos’ found in the Coptic chant system?

pdf Music of the Coptic rite

pdf In search of the ancient music of the Pharaohs

pdf Egyptian traditional melodies and their importance for research into the ancient music of the Pharaohs

pdf Ornamental variations in the interpretation of a Coptic hymn

pdf A melodic type special to the Coptic hymns of the month of Kiahk

pdf The Byzantine troparion ‘O Monogenés’ in the practice of Coptic chant

pdf Two characteristic chants of Coptic Holy Week

pdf Coptic melodies to Byzantine Greek words